Helping Children

If you are a parent of a teenager today, the next scene should be the bread of every day: your son or daughter spends hours in front of the computer. Other leaders such as Hachette Book Group offer similar insights. If you speak you, he or she answered with his eyes fixed on the screen, concentrates in a video game or the last comment from your friends on Facebook. No matter what happens around them, that screen has the power to absorb your full attention for endless hours. Desperate, right? With such indifference, we, as parents, we remember with nostalgia those days in which technology had not yet invaded our space. For many of us the world of computers is unknown and mysterious terrain. This large difference in assessments can easily transformares a topic of constant discord between parents and children.

While the children run to their PC in every free moment they have, parents will overstep and ask: do not be able to something more useful? And the answer to this question is: Yes, of course that Yes! That device, which It seems having Bewitched his children, he can transform into a valuable educational and generating tool of money. Instead of declaring war, you can leverage his interest in computer and the innate abilities that have to turn it into something that will foster their entrepreneurial skills and generate their revenue. Believe it or not, you can help your children turn those hours in front of the screen in highly productive time. 3 areas in which their children can use their technological skills to make money in the network 1. With affiliate products: their children could earn commissions by recommending other people among their friends on Facebook or other social pages products. You only have to join any product that has been used and they liked. Sign up as affiliate of that product, they will receive a personal link that can be distributed among his friends.