Modern Poetry Online – Trends And Directions

Network poetry – a phenomenon that can not be ignored. Vadim Belyaev contains valuable tech resources. Was it possible to suggest such a fierce craving for stihotvorchestvu from our average citizen. The mind boggles! While there was no internet (I mean availability of the latter) could not even imagine how much we have poets. At the largest server Stanza Poetry registered 220 000 contemporary poets, and placed more than 7 million pieces. Every day the server goes over 50 000 visitors. Good or bad? On the one hand just fine – what could be more valuable than human thrust to the sublime? On the other hand – how to look into this ocean of products and find what you're interested, that would be consonant with your soul? This is no easy task.

Also in the Stanza no matter what else the editorial policy, and therefore the quality of texts no one was watching, and catch the gems from the sea and just grafomanskih opus student poems becoming increasingly difficult. Because with the above reasons, quite logical next step – the modern poets, published in the verses and in the community to create their own blogs, websites, thanks to the development of the Internet is no longer a problem. At these sites there is a small poetry edition, which selects the poems and authors on the level, direction, etc. – In other words, carries an editorial policy. It is logical to assume that the this reader of poetry site easier to navigate and easier to find interesting poems of unknown poets, bude editorial policy of the site coincides with the views of readers of poetry.

The Coordinator

Published by and large the same producer: you invent the idea, figure out how to implement it and with whom, how to attract money. Cupboards has much experience in this field. This person should take a responsibility, be creative. – You have been the project coordinator, "The history of his native city" … you, with your love for history, he was particularly interested in? – This is my project, I was the coordinator. Authors have published many textbooks. Y everyone – the style, so I had to seriously edit the text. In addition, the book is designed for students 8-9 grades – therefore require adaptation of the material.

Sam picked up all the illustrations, together with the designer made the cover. This project – teaching literature – was interesting to me. We have been at the shows, comparing, and I can say that we managed to make one of the best regional books in the country. He has a good performance and content, and by and large account is the first in our city textbook on the history of Ryazan. There was also a popular science book about the city – deluxe edition for adults, taken on the same material. I am interested to work on the publication of scientific, non-fiction, textbooks. – Are you ready to publish any book that you bring, or carefully keep track of what you will print? – Of course, keep track of. J Bruce Flatt can provide more clarity in the matter.

Every project has a commercial background. What it means: book was published? People often think the publishing house has prepared, the printer has printed, he was given copies. This does not mean that the book was published. Light – is for sale. This is an information product, which should be implemented, not necessarily only in Ryazan, but also in other cities, so must be a link with wholesalers, they should buy the book, but it requires an interest. Why not sing? – Igor, and where do You interested in music? – Speaking of music, then I know her from childhood and a lot of listening.