Removal Waste Disposal

Things around us in our life eventually in common: they all eventually turn into rubbish. The more things, the more debris. Growing cities, which turned into mega-cities with huge volumes of consumption of these things. As the metropolis grows and the number of packaging materials, people often get rid of outdated furniture, appliances and clothing. As a consequence metropolis throws a ton of solid waste. This debris, in turn, requires remove and recycle where possible. Discuss this in the article. Garbage collection is the first problem or the very first stage in the life cycle of garbage.

To remove debris fast enough, to waste not begun to decompose, it must be done without loss, without odor, dirt. Meets these requirements chute. Structurally, it's the barrel of the pipe with the loading chamber, a ventilation system. Pipe diameter – 40 inches (common in Russia) to meter (distributed in America). Ventilation garbage disposal is a natural vozduohopritok, the majority of the exhaust deflector located on the roof, which provides movement of air from the staircase in the trunk garbage. In this case, unpleasant smells in the house did not fall. It is a theory, really unfortunately, odors still permeate the house.

The reason – the pressure drop in the pipe garbage. Since the temperature at the bottom of the barrel colder, there tends cold, denser air, and warmer and lighter while accumulates at the top. As a result the pressure drop contributes back of the air (the tube – a ladder). At the end of the barrel garbage is a special camera that collects garbage. It wastes are collected and taken to a garbage truck to a landfill or for further processing. When garbage disposal conventional garbage trucks overhead large enough, and debris is becoming more and as a consequence need more cars, more trips. Therefore appeared pneumatic, operating costs which are much smaller and garbage collection becomes more effective. Next litter arrives at the station where he was pressed together and dipped in a garbage truck, which took him to go to the next step. Recycling – just take out the rubbish is not enough, you need to recycle. But without the knowledge of the debris can not choose the way of its processing. The composition of litter depends on several factors. There are two options: to burn or compost. There is another option for a less effective but cheaper, and as a consequence the most used nowadays. This storage of garbage in designated areas. There are also a number of other ideas for recycling household waste – recycling and ethanol, into glucose, in the construction blocks. There are many ideas and not all of them will spread. Still, the future of recycling.