Hair Removal Laser

Devices (laser hair removal) single wavelength light and light intense pulsed (photoepilation), are those who have more popularity, given the growing demand from the patient for the final elimination of the hair. Unfortunately, these devices are very different in terms of its ability to provide the instructions announced for such treatment. Both the reduction of side effects as the reliability of response, the light of a single wavelength lasers are superior to intense pulsed light devices. Besides the intense pulsed light subjected to the skin of the patient to unnecessary radiation wavelengths. Also affects the levels of performance, intense pulsed light are inferior to the single wavelength light. Specifically, hair removal treatments performed by intense pulsed light equipment cause an increased incidence of complications and generally provide some lower results in comparison with treaties with the single wavelength light. The single wavelength light devices are easy to use, safe and comfortable, and with a perfect performance, as well as having an integrated cooling system that makes the treatment less annoying.

By the experience of our technicians and the satisfaction of our patients, the laser light single wavelength are ideal for hair removal. The laser light wavelength unique in our opinion are superior to intense pulsed light when compared to the hair removal. Institute clinical capillary calle Aragon, 283 (Bldg. CAPSA) 08009 Barcelona Tel.