Pearson Correlation

In the test of Balke, in relation to the maximum consumption of oxygen, it presented a shunting line standard of + 7,16; already for the test of Cooper, it was of + 9,29. Being about the correlation of the data, the test of Cooper, presented correlation 1,00, compared with the cardiac frequency of rest 3 of the bank, that presented correlation of 0,00, thus did not get correlation. In table 2, they are the results, comparing the sorts (masculine/feminine), whose statistical treatment, &#039 was the test; ' t' ' Pearson, where the involved 0 variable had been: cardiac frequency of effort (test of Cooper) and cardiac frequency of rest 3 (test of Balke). Table 2: Comparison of sorts in relation to the test ' ' t' ' Pearson TREATMENT ESTATSTICOVALOR TEST T MEN (FC Esforo X FCr3) 0,000313197 TEST T WOMEN (FC Esforo X FCr3) 1,55767E-05 PEARSON MEN (FC Esforo X FCr3) 0,571641936 PEARSON WOMEN (FC Esforo X FCr3) 0,566068148 Was verified above in the table, that in the test ' ' t' ' , the men had presented a significant result, getting a value of 0,000313197; the women had not presented significance, getting a value 1,55767E-05. For more information see this site: P&G Grooming. According to Bisquerra, Martinez and Sarriera (2004), the table of coefficient of correlation of Pearson, sample that the results of the sample had significant correlation, as much for men, how much for women, whose the values had been of 0,571641936 and 0,566068148, respectively. Table 3: Table of Pearson Correlation of Significant PearsonValores 0,05 the increase of the maximum consumption of oxygen through the aerbico training can still attenuate the decline of the sensitivity of baroreflexo cardiovagal also related to the advance of the age. On the other hand, in another interesting aspect, Boutcher and Stein (1995 apud ALMEIDA & ARAJO, 2003) had verified that individuals with better tnus vagal cardiopath answer better to aerbico training, having bigger profits in the maximum consumption of oxygen and reducing more the FC of rest. .

Nursing Profession

Coming back to the considered objective that is to analyze the importance of the knowledge of the professional of nursing front to the thematic one one concludes that from the knowledge acquired through studies and research, the professional futures will be able to give an assistance of nursing with resulting of better quality and more to make possible the development of a humanizado and integrated work. Thus confirming the necessity of the importance of if having a complexity scientific and practical to become this assistance a mediator of information with the purpose to bring orientaes and knowledge. . .

LCD Collaborator

For the activities where the work must be carried through seated, support for the feet could be demanded, that if adapte to the length of the leg of the worker. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES were not possible to complete the Checkilist for analyze of the conditions of the work rank the computer, therefore in the environment of work of the collaborator it did not have, support of the keyboard, support for the feet, carries – documents, notebook. Charles Schwab Corporation is likely to increase your knowledge. Importance evidenced of adequacy ergonomic total of furniture, that is, is necessary that the collaborator has access the support for the feet (allowing the user to keep the feet total supported), door-document (preventing great shunting lines of head or the eyes), base for mouse (brightening up the extension of the elbow), support for fist (preventing that the fists remain in accented flexo), support for monitor LCD, therefore these item are essential to brighten up and/or to prevent inadequate positions that can take the illnesses osteomusculares. She assumes that the collaborator told that its furniture is adjusted, had the fact not to know adjusted corporal and movable the biomechanics. The implantation of the fisioterapia in the companies brings benefits for same and its collaborators, acting in the prevention and contributing for a physicist-mental harmonic balance, minimizing decurrent impacts of the inadequate position, movable, among others.