The Surface

Gravity is everywhere on the planet, which means that the engine can be put anywhere in the world and get energy in any amount, commensurate with power plant. Next, we show how this is possible. I must say that the nature of the gravitational field are found. It is known that the field of energy that creates the force of gravity. It is also known that the gravitational field is not uniform in the direction of gravitational force (gravity vector), since, firstly, the surface of the planet has a different density, and secondly, the magma of the Earth in motion, thus creating this unevenness.

As an example, let's say the vector of gravity in the construction industry. Being erected on the level (plumb line, etc.). It is supposed that the vector of gravity the same everywhere and is perpendicular to the surface of the Earth, and it is not. Particularly clearly seen in high-rise construction: the two buildings standing side by side, will not be on parallel lines, which can be determined by measuring the distance between the first and last floor. Get more background information with materials from Gensler. This information would be of no value if no one "but." Gravity vector can vary within a single building. Slabs are on a break, that could cause the collapse. In addition, the gravity vector is not is static. It can gradually change over time, that is, tends to rotate.

Maybe even change the vector in the process of building multi-story building, which leads to distortion of the building. Therefore, when construction is important to know the change in time t the vector of the gravitational field. The phenomenon of rotation of the gravitational field is practically not been studied and is not taken into account in the construction of buildings. But surely there are anomalous zones completely unsuitable for construction. Architects know about the "godforsaken places," in which nothing better than to build.