MagicJack Services

The MagicJack premium service is available for a monthly fee of 3.95. The premium customers can use in addition to input and selection conferences (starting at 1 cent / min) to the supplied control more features such as the Web interface. “With the free basic offer and clear tariff structures we would attract teleconferences finally also for private individuals and small companies”, explains Mathias Hinrichs, CEO of MagicJack GmbH, the company’s strategy. “Demand for affordable, PC independent conference solutions there virtually anywhere by cliques, which is spontaneously arrange construction supervisor, who must coordinate in the short term, several craftsmen, to the telephone family Council, also borders and continents.”On transparency and fair conditions without expensive service numbers for dialing and hidden additional costs, it attaches particular importance with MagicJack. “That already MagicJack stands composed of phone” and honesty “-phone and honesty.

Also There is no minimum sales or long contracts with MagicJack. Even the premium accounts can be cancelled within a month period. “”We want people to use the MagicJack services because they are convenient and cheap, and fun”, as lead developer and co-founder Florian Trinkwalder, and, because they eventually signed a contract, through which they are not bound”. In order to use the MagicJack services, customers only need to register on. Indicate a password-protected customer account is created immediately. For the paid selection conferences, the customer can then transfer balances on this account. This is easily accomplished by bank transfer or credit card. After the registration, the use of the services requires Internet access.

The Conference calls are initiated by the landline, mobile or VoIP Softphone PC independent and easily. Already in the beta-test phase, all functions of the Conference Portal are the registered testers fully to the Available. The first 1,000 registered beta-testers get a starting balance this by 5 euros. MagicJack GmbH MagicJack GmbH offers easy-to-use and low-cost telephone conferencing services. The target group of MagicJack are especially home users and small businesses. The company was founded in 2006 and has its seat in Munich.