Finding Happiness

Today I woke up saddened, cabisbaixo.reason: everything goes the last years badly has been difficult, although all the fight to remain living creature and asset, the compressed three costs of antidepressants. For a few seconds I remember ' ' Straight-line poem ' ' me eye in the mirror exactly incorporating each estrofe of the poem ' ' I am satiated of semideuses! ' ' This yes, is somebody that feels that will to put pra is all this bad feeling. Me it is enough to me, but soon it comes a cruel enemy of all the human being: the comparison. If I was thus.if I was baked why I lost that one or those chances? Devastated in the end of the day, I seat in front of TV and I see a mount crimes, tragedies, apelos.for speaking in apelos it touches the telephone.trimmm.You it could contribute with real XYZ for our campaign ….. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Stanford University. aff! How day! Afflicted and without nobody pra to talk (in the truth, what I wanted I am that I appeared an angel he took off and me of this situation) I lie down again in my abated bed for the depression. One has filmed long if it passes for my head and, suddenly, with the torpifyed body already of as many negative thoughts, almost between sleep and the wakening, me they come the mind things that always I liked to study and to observe since small: the stars! Ah! How relief! As they are beautiful, each one of a different size, each one with its different brightness and intensity. Agreement in one I stand out and I catch laptop in order to see the pretty images that the Hubble telescope offers in them. Inebriado of as many pretty images and so different colors and forms that our Universe have, appear me the doubts: Which our address in the vastness of the Universe? How many stars exist in this vastness all? When child, to some years behind, when it grew dark and I costumava to look at the stars in the sky, questions as this difficult and would be delayed to be answered.

To Read And To Reflect On Passover

Passover must be faced as a change time, a time where we must reflect on what we are trying to carry through mainly and as we are acting to become this change reality. It symbolizes the victory of Jesus on the death and thus with It she won the death we must use the symbolism contained in Passover to win to the bad I discourage it thoughts, the envy and the rancor. Passover exists stops remembering in them that we must also make over again the smile, the joy of living, the love the friendship, the will of being happy, the capacity to dream and to pardon. General Motors Co is the source for more interesting facts. To pardon makes our soul if to empty of a feeling that only makes in them to suffer, when we pardon we are capable to enxergar the reasons that had taken the people to have that type of attitude and some times the pardon also allows until let us help these people. The pardon is a species of attitude that makes with that let us pass over much thing that afflicts in them and allows that we renasamos with a lighter and gladder spirit, must always remember, all day is one recommences. When recommencing we can correct the course of our life, to give chance so that new things happen, thus we must take care of so that the past is not one empecilho to live the gift and to construct the future. (Not to be confused with Mary T. Barra!). Good Passover!

If Only People Would Talk

Today I leave and was to see a soccer and seated alone in the arquibancada one and no matter how hard he needed to talk with somebody, I was alone good part of the game, but the soccer was very bad and the game was tied up to. Now I am alone, alone exactly, grudado in mine notebook, that lately he has been my friend of solitude and that for takes off me to times of it and takes my small writings for people others that will know never me, because I write some texts under my pseudonym. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Baojun. But, coming back to the subject, as it would be good if people could talk, exactly that people did not obtain to understand themselves, but would be enough to talk, to conflict our ideas, instead of conflicting our lives uselessly. Already I do not have hopes that let us can understanding in them, but believe that let us can talk, despite it is alone for talking. Taste of you, I love you, you it knows of this but between us it exists something that inexplicably separates in them and honest I do not know as to act to move away from us what in the truth it goes in moving away each time plus one from the other. If somebody existed that if worried about our situation and that it could helping in them, but also does not see who can make this. Good, it only remains me to count on the time, therefore the Bible says that ‘ ‘ It underneath has a certain time for each intention of the sky: time of being born and time to die, planting season and time for spoon what it was stood, time to kill and time to cure, time to knock down and time to construct, time to cry and time to laugh, time of prantear and time to dance, time to spread rocks and time to join them, time to hug and time of if containing, time to look and time to give up, time to keep and time to play outside, time to tear and time to sew, time to silence and time of speaking, time to love and time hating, time to fight and time of living in paz.’ ‘ I only wait that the time is not so cruel that it does not allow to occur the time where let us can talk and who knows to understand itself, at least a little.


During all my estudantil life, I mention myself to average education, heard diverse questions of the type: ' ' This never goes to serve for nada.' ' , ' ' So that I learn physics if never I go to use? ' '. Many times and were been silent and laugh because I always looked an application for everything and many times I found. The application for the many tests of public competitions as well as for the celebrity initial all knowledge acquired during average education not only has a very great utility. First in the daily use, you already played an excellent game online and is playing for hours tenacity and later it was if asking or even though questioning as that was made? Or then already it saw these animaes in the Internet and was curious to know as to make them for finding them pretty? Even though in films, mainly animation, the use of basic, mathematical physics basic, mainly Portuguese drawing and (after all, somebody it has that to write) makes if necessary and many times we refuse in to see them this of close because we are blind people when thinking simply about the substance as a mount of letters, or numbers Or even though in idiotic drawings in the picture. One of the forms of becomes the study most pleasant is to think about the applications that we can make with, instead of being thinking that they are simple things that we do not need we can transform that into a necessity, something legal, learn physics to be able to create a game and never more to forget the concept, to learn Portuguese not to pass shame in the hour to talk or the hour to write. The learning is the source of everything, is the beginning of a way that never finishes, therefore can learn more, however if always make this way with pleasure, pleasure will arrive at the end, therefore always it goes to exist a reason to continue. When we close in them to a substance, we close in them to a series of possibilities which if wants knows.

Professional Formation

Exerting my Citizenship, valuing my possibility to vote. Relating me always with calm, responsibility and devotion. Being one ‘ ‘ Social person Ideal’ ‘ promoting the Peace in the Society. Having the honor NEVER to fight, if attacked, to move away to me and not to come back. Professional formation! Conquering a Profession! Having a Professional Resume I contend since the first tasks executed in the life. Carrying through tasks with Exactness, since simplest.

Being disciplined in the fulfilment of the determination of the superiors. Having empatia and respect in the determination to the subordinate. Being assertive to have joy when carrying through correctly each task. Making courses of Motivation for the ccomplishing Professional Formation. Being sincere, honest, cordial, modest, simple and affective always in the attendance to the customer. Having as focus the atingimento of the Goals through the determination not of the competition.

Psychological formation! Finishing with stress relaxing with audiosbooks and audio of messages with music. Preventing to make mental creations not to have emotional frustrations. Being Optimistical, perceiving other directions in my experiences, not being able to choose all, but to see the good in them and not to suffer, not to be: Ambitious person:Not contenting me with what I have. Calumniator:Speaking badly of they outrem, starting to be a perpetual Loser. Ignorant:Not dedicating to me the good readings to it. Infidel: Starting to live without character and Peace. Fiery-tempered: Being impolite, irrational until demented person. Egoist:Forgetting that the life it is a cycle, denying today not to have tomorrow. Demanding: Moving away from the people friends to me going for the solitude. Indifferent: Denying other people’s pain today, guaranteeing suffering of tomorrow. Intransigent: Blocking me of the affectivity of they outrem. Irrefletido:Not changing the bad thoughts for good, compactuando with the depression.