Moscow Apartments

At present, many people think about where to live – close to the Ring Road or in the city. You can try to evaluate both. So, as an example consider a brand new luxury villa with a land size of 10 hectare, in 20 km from Moscow, and a new apartment, apartment complex Four Sun. Price range is approximately the same. Get more background information with materials from Harvard University Police Department. For the final determination should be set tasks and questions for which answers all at once become clear. Living in a house outside the city offers the freedom, with respect to the bustle of the city.

You can forget about the booming carriageways, the rooms with low ceilings … Go to the mansion near Moscow is adjacent plot of land that each owner in right to dispose of your choice. You can arrange and play areas, and raise a flower bed, and build lots and lots of fun things. Educate yourself with thoughts from Special needs education. The air in the country is much fresher than in Moscow. Today it is permissible luxury villa near Moscow, and, of course, is an excellent alternative to an apartment within the city. With the second hand house in the country often has an incomplete infrastructure, resulting in the absence of colleges, kindergartens and other educational institutions. Of course, this requires a visit to the capital at least twice.

In the case of travel to Moscow should be ready to stand in traffic jams because of road clogged with cars. Therefore, apartment near the subway in this situation wins, that makes the complex sun Four more prestigious. Another negative point is that in the suburban mansions total operating costs, even without utility bills significantly exceeds the payment for an apartment. Also, the owners of suburban property can not count on the whole amount of benefits, which is required by law. Insurance suburban property – serious moment. The reason This is a serious exposure to various risks, which is orders of magnitude larger than the LCD Four Sun. And in the process of insurance in a country cottage lies the large number of complex nuances, so it is very difficult to determine the necessary insurance program and execute the contract of insurance. It turns out that one solution does not. If you can pay for life "under the sun", a suburb of Moscow will be a great place for you. Otherwise, acquired an illusion of freedom. But it is so wonderful and beautiful that it very quickly get used to it and enjoy your life, such as "one of the suns."