True Religion

It will be that the religion that if lives today is true and pleases of truth the God? It will be that the religious ones are fidiciary offices of truth to educations of the Holy Writs and the orders of Christ? They believe the religious ones that Christ in fact fulfilled everything of the Law (Old alliance) and established a New Alliance to be lived by all those that of love It to truth of all heart, all soul, all agreement and all the force? loves of truth the next one as to they themselves? I understand that divisionismo is education in addition of Christ. Recently Vadim Wolfson, New York City sought to clarify these questions. What It taught was: If to offend somebody you in the right face, it offers to it another one to it; if to compel somebody you to walk a mile, it goes with it, two; If somebody to take you the layer, of – it also the tnica. Today the religious ones instead of offering another face, turn the coasts and go for one another temple. He will be that the religious ones believe that Christ really baptized to all in the cross of the Calvrio, when spilled of its chest blood and water? I ask: Why Jesus was baptized by Joo Baptist? They believe of truth that it is the Baptism of Christ who salute, or is the baptism of the water, called baptism Joo Baptist who saved? Already they had read what 12:13 – 18 is written in the book of the Apocalypse? What they understand for Jejum? I ask: Because Jesus jejuou forty days and forty nights in the desert when were attemped for the devil? Already they had read of truth what Isaiah 58 says? Already they had also read what Christ says and teaches on the Jejum in Mateus 6:16 – 17? It has a true commercial movement on behalf of Jesus, that is, it practises of merchants and action of false prophets. We say to all one same language? Already they had read what verse 10 says Pablo in I Corintios 13 especially? It will be that Christ already came and it is in the heart or the hearts of the religious ones of today? If it came, then the religion lives the Faith, the Hope and especially the love.

Examining the Holy Writs of truth, I perceive that the religions of today are far, but very far exactly of the Heart of God. ' ' They honor me with the lips, but its hearts are far from Mim' '. Let us think much in this. The religion is described for Tiago 1:27 and the Bible affirms: Without love nobody will see the God. Amen!

The Religious

For Eliade, (2000, P. 101), ' As the mstico and the religious one in general, the primitive lives in a continuous gift (and is in this direction that we can say that the religious man is one ' primitivo' , therefore it repeats one gestures another one e, for this repetition, continuously lives in atemporal gift) ' '. As (P. 105), but we have reasons to believe that for ' ' primitivos' ' , nostalgia of lost paradise excludes the desire definitively to return to ' ' paradise of animalidade' '. Everything what we know concerning the mythical memories of ' ' Paraso' ' it shows to us, for the opposite, the image of an ideal humanity, enjoying of a beatitude and fullness inalcanveis spirituals in the current condition of ' ' man pecador' '. ExxonMobil Corp is likely to agree. The baptism, the transformation of the heathen one in believer. The release of the evil in substitution to the good one. The renovador baptism as something, eraser them sins, the death it old man, following the birth it new man, adapted to the religion is waiting that it and receiving, to give the solutions to it necessary to live in this world, being eliminated all the existing profits.

that will only be modified by its exempts will. If to make right is because he is together with God and with the society. If to make a mistake, errou because it wanted and it walked against the social impositions and of God. for as much others a full life of sufferings will take the eternity the ones that if limit not to question, having the acceptance as the strong point of the ascent to skies. Behaviors had been created, had remained exceeded positions that had hindered the human being to reason, having kept it uninformed. In such a way, making with that the human being was in total lethargy that does not obtain to see other worlds not to be that one formed to its return.

National Security Advisor

According to the Member of the Knesset, Yakov Katz, head of the National Union Party, what Emanuel calls is that Israel commits suicide, to change that United States stop a global threat. They expect Israel to accept the two-State solution, which will cause that Hamas not only US threatens missile from Gaza, but also from Judea and Samaria. And this is nothing less than the idea of a Jew, Rahm Emanuel, whose father fought in the Irgun against the British Empire, and who is identified with the left ultra that seeks the destruction of Israel. It is not the first time that State Department Israel blackmailing, he did so during the administration of George Bush father in 1991, urging him to not defend against missiles launched by Saddam Hussein from Iraq in exchange for the support of the Arab world to United States. Once Israel tolerated to be bombed, the same Government refused for a long time to secure a loan by 10 billion dollars, which was going to allow building homes for nearly a million Russian immigrants, inhumanly conditioning that please to not construct new settlements in the West Bank, while they had more than 200,000 people without shelter. In 1948, when the Jewish State had to fend off numerous and well armed Arab armies, did with molotov cocktails and homemade weapons because his best friend did not give military support. Something similar happened in the wars of 1956 and 1967 when he had to resort to triangulations and arms dealers, because the U.S. Government refused to sell military equipment he needed to not be razed.

Throughout its history, Israel has been living a relationship of love and confusion with the United States. Further details can be found at cabinets, an internet resource. While Israel is an unconditional ally of North America, reciprocity is not the same. This latest blackmail was expected. The Obama administration is follower of the Rationalist philosophy of Brzezinski. Rationalism is the doctrine which argues that knowledge is acquired by reason without resorting to the experience. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, believes that Majmud Ajmadineyad, Mahmud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, are valid interlocutors. In a statement recent He said that Israel would damage their relations with United States, if he insists that North America attack Iran since it would generate resentment toward Israel, as already happens for the war in Iraq. The impertinence of Brzezinski is exceptional, if there is resentment toward Israel, because he and his fellow blame anything that happens in the Middle East.

Ariel Sharon warned Bush of problems that they would emerge from an attack on Iraq and sought to dissuade him. The vast majority of American Jews were opposed to the war in Iraq, and now Israel will be the culprit if it defends itself from the threats of the most dangerous regime that exists in the world, it is Iran, which declares with impunity to remove it from the map. The situation is such that if Mr Obama sits down to talk with Ajmadineyad and their encounters lead nowhere, which is more than safe, blame Israel for radicalizing the situation of failure. If Israel attacks Iran pre-emptively, it will be accused of ruining the diplomatic plans of Obama. And if Israel Let that Iran continue in its enrichment of uranium, and the ayatollahs are able to develop nuclear weapons that will stop in the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah, Chavez, the FARC, and until possibly Morales, will be sentenced for not acting in time.

Fraternity And Public Health

Quaresma is time of reflection, conjunct, jejum, penance, conversion, therefore every year in this period, the CNBB (National conference of the Bishops of Brazil) carries through the Campaign of the Fraternity. Its objective is to take the people to reflect on one definitive subject, generally problems that affect all society. After seeing and judging the problem, we are invited to leave for a concrete action that brings solution for the argued problem. In this year of 2012 the CNBB chose the subject ' ' Fraternity and Pblica&#039 Health; ' the Motto ' ' That the health if spreads out on terra' ' , and it could not have better chosen another one, therefore all we know and many of us we feel in the day the day the consequences of the chaos that if finds the public health in our country. We know that Jesus came to the world so that ' ' all have life and life plenamente' ' we unhappyly witness every day brothers suffering in the long lines that if extend for the sidewalk of this immense Brazil it waits to obtain a consultation or a medicine that can alliviate to its pain or the pain of a dear being. Every day in them we come across with the pain and the suffering of people who if feel when seeing its familiar ones impotent or friends dying in the stream beds and even though in the corridors of the hospitals due to attendance. Until when we will have that to coexist the indifference of a Country that if says Christian, but that if it does not matter with whom they suffer and they die every day because unscrupulous politicians had deviated the public money that could be applied in the construction and the improvement of the hospitals or the medicine purchase? Until when we will have that to see the money public being deviated while it is lacking doctors in the hospitals and the ranks of health of this Country? The public health is sick, and worse it is that the remedy for its recovery depends on the comprometimento of ours politicians with the welfare of its people; It depends very on the honesty of that we choose we stop representing in them. While the public health continues sick, we can and we must make our part.

We exactly know thousand of professionals of the health whom if they donate, earning little, because it obtains to see in the person of the sick person, the proper Christ who suffers. They are acolhedores and, when they do not have what to make, because it lacks conditions to them, are capable to give to affection and love. we know worse that the pain caused for the illness is the pain caused for the lack of love, affection and attention. When the patient feels security in the professional receives who it, the cure process is sped up and the barriers fall for land. Everything is more easy. The professional of the health must always act as the Good Samaritano, treating the sick person always with affection and love, therefore such attitudes make to resurge in the sick person the hope of the cure. That all the professionals of the health can espelhar in the holy ghost Master Jesus, the Doctor of the doctors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vadim Belyaev and gain more knowledge.. Jesus cured the patient in its totality: physically, spiritual, psychologically and emotionally, because It came ' ' so that all have life plenamente' '. Joo Vitor Mariano Ura – Paran