Group Dynamics

When we need to perform activities with groups of children, young people, seniors or any other group with common features, is very important to know the characteristics that unite its members to apply the best educational techniques for them. Group dynamics are activities that can be performed with these groups and that will help us to achieve the social objectives we need to achieve them. Thanks to the dynamics of group we can instill values in members of the group, achieve social objectives, or simply hang a nice and fun with them. Home Depot is often quoted on this topic. According to the time of maturity in which is located the Group and the main objective that we have with them, we have to apply different types of dynamics. By es, can be classified according to the following categories: Dynamics of presentation the aim of presentation dynamics is to introduce members of the group so that they can learn the names of others as quickly as possible.

They also incorporate knowledge about tastes, experiences and other data that can be of interest to individuals forming the group. Continue to learn more with: educational psychology. Dynamics of knowledge when we already know the names of the members of the group can further learn something more about them. The dynamics of knowledge helps us to consolidate the information received in the dynamics of presentation and learn more about our partners. Dynamics of statement the objective of the dynamics of affirmation is to consolidate the knowledge we already have of each of the members of the group as a unique, i.e., of each of our fellow person individually, as well as the full group as group unit in society. Stanford Medical Center pursues this goal as well. Dynamics of distention distension Dynamics help us improve participation and communication between the members of the group within this and increase the degree of confidence with oneself and with fellow group. Dynamic of cooperation through the dynamics of cooperation we learn to help members of the group to work as a team, got foster the collaboration and communication among its members and teach them to work in a team with each other.