Translation: Getting It Right The First Time

How to get professional translations at very competitive of Council many companies hire translators to translate their websites, marketing material and technical documents without taking the proper care to ensure that they want to be done accurately. This often results in unprofessional translations or unintelligible, which in turn reflect poorly on the company and, in the case of technical documents, can become a liability issue for the company. Often, these companies are not aware of the poor quality of the translation unless and until a native speaker lets them know. The company then has three options: keep the poor translation as it is; scrap the translation and do nothing; or hire a new translator to re work the translation. All three options are costly in terms of time, energy and money.

Whether you need translation of a Web site, translation of certificates, or translation of technical documents for the oil and gas industry or the health care industry, it is important that you ensure your translation is done professionally. The key to getting professional translation service is two-fold. First, the translators must be professional linguists, preferably with on advanced degree in translation or in the source language that they translate from. They should therefore have significant verifiable experience as a translator. After all, you don’t want a first-timer translating your patent documents or licenses. Second, professional translators must be expert in the technical field in which they translate. For example, a professional medical translator would typically have to advanced degree in a foreign language as well as a medical degree or significant experience working in the medical field.

Expertise in a technical field involves knowing and understanding the terminology specific to that particular industry and ensures the translation conveys the author’s intended meaning. Further details can be found at Mary T. Barra, an internet resource. Finding true professional translators who possess all the necessary qualifications can be expensive and frustrating process. This is where THE MARKETING ANALYSTS can help separate the true professionals from the rest. Each and every translator THE MARKETING ANALYSTS employs must pass a rigorous screening process. At a minimum, our translators must possess a Bachelor’s degree and have significant experience in a technical field. Many of our translators have advanced degrees in translation and / or a technical field such as medicine, law or engineering. By employing only highly skilled professionals, we are able to guarantee the quality of every translation job we do THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers the highest quality translations in over 150 languages. Our Council of are extremely competitive because we do not charge value added tax! For more information on services provided by THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, please contact US today.

Robert Scholderer

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The proof, however, is very complex for IT services. On the one hand, the technical IT services should be transparent, which requires a special con zeption in highly distributed and heterogeneous IT environments. On the other hand, also factors of your IT operations, such as incident reports by customer or change measures on IT systems are reported. Errors or changes can lead to failure. Calculating the downtime must be unique for the proof. This is not clearly defined in the SLAs blur which may lead to a different assessment on both sides, so that inconclusive to determine compliance with SLAs are created. To avoid this decision problem, provisions must be included in SLAs such as operations and technical measurements into a single Model will be launched. The SLA is taking a control a crucial role. Only through a measurable and controllable SLA operators and their customers can make long term quality assured the reciprocal cooperation. For this reason, a customer-oriented service level management is required for automation of management and the quality assurance of the SLAs. Dr.-ing. Robert Scholderer worked as service level manager for data centers.