Rogowsky American

Richmond, attached director of the Agency of Economic Development of Arlington, Virginia, participated to the last week in FENA FONCALADA a program in which special emphasis in strategies will become of sustainable economic development. Whenever N.Y.C. Mayor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Cynthia Richmond counts on an important developing experience the economic premises, that include pick up and retention of companies, attendance to small companies, development of policies, city-planning development and economic sustainability. Hear from experts in the field like Presidential candidate for a more varied view. It has successfully developed to numerous projects of economic development and strategic planning of high level, as much for local governments as for private clients. It exerts like professor invited of FENA Business School () and like director of seminaries on subjects of economic development in classes of continuous formation and professional programs. This program comprises of the formation for the High Direction that FENA has started up and that it will have its continuation with the second edition the AMP (Program of High Direction) that started up the IE (COMPANY INSTITUTO) in collaboration with FENA that it will begin in February 2011.

In the next weeks, FENA Business School will also count on the following rapporteurs like invited professors: Jeremy Mayer, professor associated in the School of Public Policy of the University George Mason, where it distributes courses on American Foreign policy, Political and Political in Mass media, Systems of National Policies, Introduction to the Public and Statistical Policy. It has studied political sciences in Oxford, Michigan and Brown. Doctor in the Georgetown University in 1996 and its areas of investigation is: American and political, elections, foreign policy, political government in public opinion, mass media, racial policy, statistical method and method of sounding. He has numerous publications in subjects like management of the presindencial image, political democristiana, federalism and rights of the homosexuals. And & has received the Rowman Prize; Littlefield to Innovating Education, granted by the American Association of Political Sciences. Robert A. Rogowsky, attached professor of Comercio Internacional in the School of Public Policy of the University George Mason.

Also he exerts like Director of Operations in the American Commission of Comercio Internacional (USITC) where he directs a group of 230 people in charge to develop investigations on antidumping and compensatory taxes, investigation, technical experience and attendance in commercial policy for the American Commercial Representatives and the Congress, as well as the maintenance of the Harmonized System of Tariffs. Professor Rogowsky also has worked in the Federal Commission of Commerce, the Commission of Product Security for the Consumer and the Department of Justice. He obtained his doctorate in Economic by the University of Virginia in 1982.